What is a spiritual master?

A spiritual master is a source of original knowledge and a God-realised man who speaks the truth.

What is truth?

The truth is the reality behind existence or the sense-perceived world. To speak the truth is to be able to speak from this place and reveal the meaning and purpose of life in existence.

Why go to a spiritual master?

The function of a spiritual master is to help other people reach and realise a greater depth inside them so that they become more free and more fulfilled in their lives. The spiritual master has the God-given ability to do this through the transforming power of his realised consciousness.

What is Barry Long’s teaching?

The essence of his teaching is freedom from unhappiness for the individual. He defines unhappiness as the normal human condition of ‘happy today, unhappy tomorrow’. The individual is helped to leave the human condition behind.

  • Barry Long introduces people to the stillness of their own being within so that they are increasingly able to go about their day to day living without losing touch with this inner place.
  • He helps people get their circumstantial lives right. He tells them the truth about life as it is and makes the truth practical by demonstrating it in their own experience. When they face where life is not right – that is, where they are disturbed – they can eradicate the disturbance by seeing the cause and doing something about it.
  • Barry Long addresses the love between man and woman as a means to realising God in existence. He teaches the difference between love and sex and shows couples how to get their love lives honest so that together they may make the journey into impersonal or unselfish love.
  • There is also a cosmic and mythical aspect to his teaching. He demonstrates how the external cosmos corresponds with the inner life and how we can go back within ourselves to the timeless.

Where did Barry Long get his knowledge?

Barry Long did not belong to any spiritual tradition. His knowledge came from his own spiritual process and realisation. The love of God and knowledge of truth arose spontaneously within him and took him through an intense spiritual catharsis to the divine revelation which continued to unfold and inform his work throughout his life. He overcame fear, conflict and doubt until he was free of unhappiness and his life was continuously untroubled – enlightenment.

What is the spiritual life?

You are made honest in your relationships with people and events. You take responsibility for your life. As you get your life right, you become stiller. Then you are more able to love and be loved.

Is there a Barry Long group or school?

No. Barry Long did not want followers. He did not recognise any group of students or disciples. There is no special community dedicated to living his teachings. There is no need to go to an ashram. The circumstances of your ordinary life provide your own God-designed spiritual practice. You have to live the truth where you are. Then, when you make it real, it is yours.

Barry Long’s teaching is in his books and in the recordings of his meetings and seminars. All his knowledge, love and help is there.


by Barry Long 

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